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So, you want to know what Word Church is....

It is a secular space, not affiliated with any religious or spiritual institution.

It is an open mic we’d like to call a sanctuary for your words, your story, your experience.

It is a community of people—poets, readers, writers, speakers, and listeners—of many ages, from many places, who gather every Monday evening to celebrate the healing power of poetry.

We strive to curate a space in which people feel safe, supported, and encouraged to share their feelings, their experiences, and their poetry to a room full of open hearts and minds.  

We seek to  create a community of respect and mutual support. We welcome the realities of sadness, fear, anger, and helplessness and the aspirations of self-healing, empowerment, and resilience.

We speak from joy; we speak from trauma; we use love, community, and poetry to combat the evil in ourselves and in the world around us. The Word Church is a place for any and all who have been lost, who are still searching, to work it out with words.

Poetry is our spiritual practice, and we join together every Monday in downtown Santa Cruz to participate in the process of poetry, to pray in the only way that we know how.

Every Monday @ the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History
4:00pm - Free Community Writing Workshop
5:30pm - Open Mic Sign Ups open (usually 15 slots available, priority given to newcomers)
6:00pm - The Poetry Begins!
7:15pm -  The Weekly Featured Reader (We include a 20-30 minute set from a different working poet every week)